Payroll Management is an integral part of Crew Management services at MARLOG!

Our payroll management service form a crucial part of the Crew Manning Office as it provides maximum flexibility that enables clients to monitor and organize payroll processing, accounting and cost control for ultimate efficiency.

In conjunction with our crew manning services, our seasoned professionals provide payroll administration services which include:

  • Maintenance of a computerized payroll system
  • Weekly/monthly payroll as required and the calculation/processing of all payroll activities, including salary deductions
  • Administration of contributions in respect of employer’s pension
  • Submission of Payroll Reports and Statements of Wages to the employing company
  • Production and issue of Payslips
  • Communication with tax authorities, pension scheme administrators etc. and the completion and submission of all applicable monthly/annual forms/returns on behalf of the employing company
  • Close liaison with deploying companies