Health, Safety, Environment & Quality


Uncompromising Quality!


At MARLOG we are committed to providing quality service. We ensure that our business is conducted in a way that minimizes risk of personal injury and property damage.  We serve with the protection and conservation of the environment in mind. We are committed to serving you with an uncompromising quality.

We conduct our business with the following goals:

  • ZERO personal injuries
  • ZERO property damage
  • ZERO accidents
  • ZERO damage to the environment
  • ZERO operational interference

We at MARLOG will incorporate the necessary HSEQ requirements into all our business plans and procedures.  Our HSEQ plan will therefore be specific to the task we are mandated to perform to maximize safety, efficiency and productivity.

Our seafarers are properly trained, competent and qualified to achieve the above goals. All our seafarers assume full responsibility for their own safety and the safety of others, and are obligated to report any condition that is potentially hazardous to HSEQ to those in authority.

As proof of our commitment to HSEQ our QMS will be monitored by an independent safety consultant and subject to occasional internal and annual external audits.